Improve Your Landscape Design in Chadds Ford

Why wait for your perfect landscape in Chadds Ford when you can have a space designed for you today? At Green Leaf Property Management Services, we have years of experience in commercial and residential designs and we’re always happy to help a client.

Landscape Makeover vs. Design: Which Is Best for You?

What’s a landscape makeover? Essentially, you’re giving your landscaping job a facelift. A regular makeover shouldn’t be too invasive and might be able to use elements from your existing design. If you think a makeover is right for your outdoor space? Look over these questions:

  • • Have you had landscaping work done before?
  • • Are you interested in keeping some elements of your current design?
  • • Are you looking for an upgrade instead of a complete overhaul?

Now, if you think a full landscape design is for you, consider the following:

  • • Are you looking for a brand new design that suits your tastes?
  • • Do you want to get rid of all or most of your existing design?
  • • Does a complete overhaul sound like what you’re looking for?

After answering these six questions, you’ll probably have a good idea of what you’re looking for. If you don’t, Green Leaf Property Management Services is happy to help you.

What Type of Landscape Design Do You Need?

When we say “type of design,” we’re really asking you what kind of outdoor space you have. Which category does your space fall into?

  • • Private or Personal Property: Residential landscaping is for private residences that aren’t intended for business use. The build codes and design limitations are unique for these spaces.
  • • Commercial Property: With commercial or business areas, you may have to abide by certain requirements regarding accessibility and construction limitations. Additionally, the design must generally include a more expansive area.

Depending on your type of property, our professional team will draw up plans that will fit both your vision and your space.

Our Landscaping Design Checklist for Chadds Ford

We have four main pillars for our landscaping design and they are:

  • • Design Functionality: If you intend to drive vehicles through your outdoor space, we have to make sure there’s enough space. We also have to consider water drainage, erosion and similar areas. This will make sure you can use your space as you intended.
  • • Sustainable Practices: Landscaping and sustainability go hand in hand. We can’t expect a palm tree to survive in Wisconsin and we also don’t want to use materials that cause pollution. We’ll tackle sustainability on both fronts.
  • • Design Element Integration: Design elements should bring the best out of the space an each other. We’ll make sure your design feels cohesive to make your landscape more inviting and peaceful.
  • • Artistry: Beauty is an essential part of any kind of design. We strive to make an area that is as gorgeous as it is functional.

Get in Touch for Your Landscaping Consultation

Are you ready to get started on your landscaping project? Give us a call today and we’ll gladly discuss what’s possible for your space. Once we understand what you want, we’ll get to work putting together the outdoor design you’ll enjoy for years.