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As the leading commercial landscaping property maintenance company in Kennett Square and surrounding areas, Green Leaf Property Management Services's commitment to exceeding our customers’ expectations has helped us establish an enviable reputation in the industry. Our specialists provide a comprehensive range of full-service landscaping services for commercial properties, including hedge trimming and lawn mowing, weed removal, irrigation, and a variety of other lawn care maintenance services. The result of our ability to provide exceptional quality for outstanding value on a continuous basis is multiple long-standing relationships with our loyal customers. We have found that combining close internal and external collaboration with the active engagement of company leadership creates above-average results.

Kennett Square's Professional Commercial Landscaping Company

At Green Leaf Property Management Services, our trained specialists offer a variety of landscaping services for commercial properties. Regular on-site visits and our 24-hour response guarantee results in reduced operational costs; by not waiting until the last minute to address issues like dead or dying trees Kennett Square business owners can avoid costly maintenance fees. We are happy to work around your needs and budget to create a customized landscape plan for your West Chester commercial property. We believe that being flexible and putting the needs of our clients first is what creates a long-lasting bond between us and our clients.

Our reputation and reliability for handling the various demands of multiple commercial interests and maintaining a high level of standard for routine maintenance make us the best option for personalized service and satisfaction. Some of the services we perform include:

  • • Leaf and litter removal. Garbage and dead leaves blowing around your commercial enterprise create a messy, unappealing look. Green Leaf Property Management Services can efficiently clear your property of any trash or leaves, leaving you with a lawn that's neat and tidy! Furthermore, we can recycle these leaves by composting them and turning them into mulch.
  • • Tree and flower planting and maintenance. Whether you're looking for a species native to the Kennett Square area, or you want something a bit more exotic, our plant experts have what you're searching for. Planting native species reduces maintenance costs, but something with a bit more flair can go a long way in boosting your business's curb appeal. Contact us for more information or to book a consultation today!
  • • Shrub and hedge pruning. From the straightforward trimming of Kennett Square hedges to the shaping and sculpting of shrubs, Green Leaf Property Management Services does it all.
  • • Lawn mowing and edging. Taking the time to mow the lawn of your Kennett Square business sometimes simply isn't possible, between all the other tasks you have on your plate. Green Leaf Property Management Services's lawn mowing and edging services help promote healthy grass growth, leaving you with a lawn that's lush, green and even.

Lawn Care for Businesses

Our goal is to create long lasting relationships with our clients which is why we provide top notch services at a competitive price. We are passionate about paying attention to detail and working quickly and efficiently to save you time and money. From trimming to installations, we make every interaction easy, quick, and painless. Got questions? Don't hesitate to ask; our qualified workers are happy to share their knowledge with you. We want to help you make the right impression to your potential clients, and we will do this by employing our expert landscaping knowledge.

The following are some benefits that you and your employees will enjoy if you consider installing landscaping on your commercial property:

Beautiful Greenery

There are so many options for creating a beautiful and inspiring space that fosters a good working environment. Incorporating plants indoors is an easy and stylish way to lift the spirits of your employees. Having indoor plants improves indoor air quality and is a proven source of relaxation and stress relief.

Green Walls

Green walls are natural walls of shrubs which create privacy and shade if needed. Our experts will be able to inspect your commercial property and determine the ideal points to install beautiful, eye catching shrubbery that provide privacy and shade for your employees.


As the fall season comes around and the leaves begin to fall, we are happy to collect the fallen leaves and compost them by turning them into mulch which can be readmitted back into the soil. Sustainability is an important tenet of our company, and we are proud to share our green vision with you.

Aesthetically Pleasing Lawn

Beautifully designed and maintained landscaping draws attention to your business and encourages clients to enter. A beautifully manicured lawn sets a standard of quality in the minds of your potential clients. It makes your business look polished and a cut above the rest. Keeping the grounds on your commercial business looking great is our business.

Contact Us Today

At Green Leaf Property Management Services, landscaping is more than just a business to us, it is our passion. We have experience doing landscaping for shopping complexes, community centers, strip malls and all types of commercial locations. We provide basic service aeration, weed dethatching, as well as dog waste removal.

We've worked hard over the years to establish ourselves as Kennett Square's go-to company for business owners in need of some commercial landscaping services. The services listed above are merely a sample of what we have to offer, so we encourage you to get in touch for a fuller portrait of what we can provide you. Our custom maintenance plans are sure to suit your needs, no matter how specific.

For commercial landscape property maintenance in Kennett Square, contact the industry-leading team at Green Leaf Property Management Services today. We provide quality preventive and ongoing maintenance services, respond timely to emergency calls, and have unique access to expert manpower specialized equipment.